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Astrojyotishji is an ethical astrological company and Mr. C.L. Ramakrishna is the sole proprietor and hereditory based professional astrologer. He has done detailed research and proved his originality in horoscope consultation. He has been consistently analyzing horoscopes of people since 1978. Realizing the very certainty of fate, he does not believe in suggesting futile remedies and antidotes. He unveils to people their destined future, so that they can take steps and plan accordingly. Astrological foretelling comes naturally to C.L. Ramakrishna as he belongs to a family which has been into this kind of foretelling for years together. He has analyzed more than two lakhs of horoscopes for Indians and more than thirty thousand NRIs, particularly Japanese and got many more appreciations from his clients. He has provided consultation to Mahesh Maharishi Yogi related Vedic & Horoscope consultation centers.

He is following practical astrology with the calculation of N.C. Lahiri ephermeris in Brihat Parasara system. He is specialist in Rectification and Analysis and which includes Birth time rectification, Career analysis, Compatibility analysis, Future life prediction analysis, Birth issue analysis, Medical astrology analysis, etc.,

Mr.C.L.Ramakrishna is doing research and proofing originality in Horoscope consultation more than 34 years without over criticism of remedies and sentiments.


The exceptional policy of his prediction is to attain the client satisfaction only by enclosing astrological Dharma and Karma theories not by any remedies, since our fact of fate cannot be changed by remedies. Many satisfied Clients are referring others for his perfect prediction & guidance.

He provides guidance by manual analysis of individual’s horoscope, not by any astrological software. His predictions are according to the horoscope’s Lagna’s strength and weakness only not by any transits of the planets or only with the Sun sign or Moon sign, since those predictions cannot be applicable for the individual.

In the astrology certification study of any branch of horoscope prediction, theory and practice must go side by side. A harmonious blending of the theoretical knowledge with practical abilities is always desirable. He makes his predictions only by blending astrological theories with practical experience, after seeing the horoscope’s good or bad lucks, longevity, and mental tendency, physical tendency, capable or incapable. He also checks, whether the questions asked are matching as per the given birth time.


He gained knowledge by self cosmic reading of old texts and astrological shastras like Nadi Grandas, Medical Astrology, Practical astrology with rectification of birth time, Maharishi Jaimini Brahatsamhita, Brahat Parasara, Gargahora, Saravali, Uttarakalam, Hora sara, Bhrigu Nadi Sutras, Prasna marga, Daivajna Vallabha, Jhataka Parijata, Brihat Jataka etc.,

He has analyzed more than two lakhs of horoscopes for Indians and more than thirty thousand NRIs, particularly Japanese and got many more appreciations from his clients. He has provided consultation to Mahesh Maharishi Yogi related Vedic & Horoscope consultation centers. A few to mention are given below.

His first prediction was in 1978 by casting horoscope of a bank employee (peon / assistant), who was born in 1935. He was predicted to become bank manager in future. As per that, now he is a bank manager with name and fame.

In 1983, he predicted the bad future for his distant relative, by just seeing the time of marriage in the wedding invitation, without seeing horoscopes and suggested to change the time of marriage. But no one realized and did not agree. Later, everything went bad with two deaths including bride. After that incident, everyone in the family understood his divine foretelling power & has a respect for him.

In 1998, a doctor’s daughter was in severe addict of blind god worship and mentally upset though she was a MCA graduate. He predicted and convinced her that she will get away from that soon and will lead a good happy married life and that happened and Dr’s family praised him much.

In 1999, a person’s sister was in coma stage for 27 months and he was spending Rs.75, 000 every month for treatment. By seeing her horoscope, he predicted that she was in brain dead stage and suggested to stop treatment. Later she died and it helped avoiding cheating by hospital and Vedic pandits by improper remedies.

In 2005, after reading his English prediction, a Japanese translator named Mr. Natsuki Kawaide sent a message to him “I am really satisfied of your prediction and I am very happy to translate it because your prediction is very genuine, practical and truthful with astrofacts. No one in Japan explains this much in the prediction like you”

In 2006, a Japanese named Mr. Yoto Konuma sent a message to him “I have tested this fortune telling in various ways so far, but it is the first time for me to get consultation by whom reliable and sincere and you. Especially when I read your answer I feel that I could meet the person who can understand me and having same soul as me”.

He also worked 6 years in a Tokyo based Japanese website named ‘www.vedacenter.jp’ & ‘www.vedicwisdom.jp’ in astrology section. Japanese people had given surname “” and “jyotishji”. He started his own website named ‘www.astrojyotishji.com’ from Aug, 2008."

Mr. C.L. Ramakrishna's perspective on astrology

Hello dear Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to Astrojyotishji. Have a Good day!

Let me share my interpretation about Astrology.

Astro means Astrology. Aster-a Star, and Logos –reason or logic. Jyotisha means knowledge of Light. In Ancient days our sages found out Milky Way of stars and rasis even in night and Sun’s position in day for practical prediction. The following question can raise in your mind.

How it will be possible?

One more question also, you may want to ask any astrologer.

There are numerous human beings are born at same moment, same minute, same hour, same star, same rasi and same lagna in one day. Will all those people have same future predictions?

No, because the zodiac is an imaginary circle of 360degrees into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each as rasis and into equal parts of 13degrees 20minutes each as 27 stars. 24Hours (A day) contains (12x30=360degrees) 12 lagnas approximately two hours. And each lagna is divided into equal parts of 3degrees, 20minutes each as 9 Navamsas. So, 108 kinds of persons are born in a whole day. Though the whole day contains one star and one rasi, that 108 kinds of persons are predicted in various 108 ways and according to their poorva punya, Dharma and Karma theory.

This is the reason for the distinctive predictions for every mankind. This is called a fact of fate or curse or blessing or good luck or bad luck etc..,

For example, two children are born at same time, one in poor family and another one in wealthy family. Will they have same future good luck or bad luck?

No, their future will be differed according to their parent’s previous karma or curse or Poorva punya and those children’s Karma and dharma theories including each family’s positional strength or hereditary strength. Any seed will grow according to the nature of the soil or land.

Astrology is the most difficult science which comprises the foretelling of the regular movements of the planets and the fortunes of mankind.

Astrology interprets what it conceives to be the future of man as moulded by his previous Karma and indicated by the planetary positions at the time of birth. Astrology is the most ancient science of all sciences and had reached considerable perfection in India thousands of years ago.

Astrology is really logical and most ancient of all sciences. It is a branch of astronomy and planetary influences. The planetary movements are controlling human beings in our birth timings, living timings and death timings. So that, astrology is a practical and useful science and it gives sketch of life. It is a mirror in which one’s own figure is clearly reflected. It records the interaction of influences of all things present visible and future invisible. Astrology is a suspenseful life reading which has principled and predetermined happenings of past, present and future according to one’s poorvapunya strength, God’s blessings, Other’s curses and Dharma and Karma theory. So we are advised by our parent, teachers and well-wishers as See good, Speak good and Do good with untouchablity mind. No one can stop or change our fatal happenings which are predetermined by the planetary situation at our birth time and our previous Karma.

So everyone should realize their actual position of present happenings and future happenings, fortunes and misfortunes, rise and fall etc., and should be ready to face all good and bad with precautious mentality and awareness.