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Client Speak

Mrs. Vijayakumari,Chennai-India.

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted my husband’s business failure after seeing his horoscope. Astrologically he has no business success or self employment talent or partnership business talent. So all these business related activities can be stopped and no need of further investment in the business. He can go to any job so that he can pass his life career smoothly without problems. So I thank him for his frank advice.

Mr. Murugan,Chengalpet,India

Mr. Ramakrishna promptly predicted me and our sons for our future good luck and professional careers particularly in our construction industrial line including my son’s incoming sources according to their horoscopes. His predictions are really valuable without any remedies. So I am very thankful to Mr. Ramakrishna for the cost saving and significant prediction.

Mr. Kumaravel & Sons-Kancheepuram-India

Mr. Ramakrishna told me and our family members about death and badluck of my family member without any horoscope but having a look at only the marriage time in one of my family member’s marriage invitation, when I gone to invite him. We refused that, but after marriage within 24 hours, our family lost bride, bride groom and our mother. Really his predictions are Hot, Realistic and Practical.

Mr. Ashok kumar,Coimbatore, India

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted my horoscope and advised me to take much care in my wife’s health career. Within a short period, I lost my wife as his prediction. He also advised me to remarry my wife’s sister. I really surprised about his past prediction and next solution with much affectionate guidance. My hearty thanks always.

Mr. Ayyadurai, Dharmapuri-India

Till 1984, I was suffering with lot of business failures and family problems. Then I was predicted by Mr. Ramakrishna, to do iron and old metal business after seeing my horoscope. For the past 24 years, I am doing profitable old iron and metal business. Now I am very happy and living a luxurious life and owning more properties in Dharmapuri. Much thanks for his valuable genuine predictions.

Mrs. Menaka Ganesh, Chennai, India

I feared about my fair less physical complexion and future married life. But Mr. Ramakrishna predicted and confirmed my peaceful future married life and lucky professional career. In fact now I am very happy in getting lucky domestic life partner. Both are earning in good professional lines and leading prosperous life career. Much thanks for his valuable and fruitful prediction.

Mrs. Preeta kesavan,Mumbai, India

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted me that I will get peaceful happy married life with a kind hearted life partner who will adjust my physical weak condition. In fact I am very lean weak physique person. Really I don’t have confidence about my marriage. But his prediction became true and now I have got good life partner with happy domestic life and child. Thanks to him.

Mrs. Hirudaya Mary-Chennai-India

I am always taking important decisions regarding the future of our family only after consulting Mr. Ramakrishna. I respect him very much and believe his words of truthful prediction.

Mr. KrishnaMoorthy -Chennai-India

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted me, that my love marriage with my lover only happen after long period of stuggling but I will lead a happy prosperous domestic life career as well as professional career. It became true and I am leading a happy wonderful marriage life with my lover. He is really great and I respect him very much.

Mr. K. Ramamoorthy (Businessman)-Chennai-India

Mr. Ramakrishna helped our whole family members to take right proper decision in a way of intellectual and practical prediction without Vedic remedies.

Mrs. Devika-Chennai-India

Jyotishji Strongly predicted my son in law’s longevity and he told that his death sentence’s cancellation will happen and it happened through our Indian president. It happened very soon and my daughter, grand son and me all are now happy. Court also released him saying my son-in-law is innocent person in the criminal case.

 Mr.K. Rajagopal, Bangalore. 

We did marriage for our elder son with Madurai bride according to Mr. Ramakrishna’s prediction of best compatibility between them. Now we are all very happy with our son, daughter in law and two grand children.

Mr. K. Pandurangan Rao-Thiruvallur-India

Mr. Ramakrishna-Jyotishji advised my daughter to divorce her ill conducted and never corrected husband in order to get good future life not only for her but also for my grand son. He also gave good Vaasthu construction plan for my house that was built according to my horoscope. At present we all are happy. Our cordial wishes to him.

Mr. K. Sambasivam Thiruvarur-India

I did marriage in 1983 and have no children for 10 years. Mr. Ramakrishna stopped me from remarriage and advised me, “Don’t remarry for child through another lady. You will have children from 1994 with your present wife itself”. Now I have two children one male and one female. His prediction became true.

Mr. Sivasamy-India

I met Mr. Ramakrishna in 1984. He predicted my pilot profession and gave a right proper flying time for flight take-off. And also predicted my luxurious life career in future. I was born in an average family but now leading luxurious and happy domestic life with my wife and children. My hearty wishes and thanks for him.

Mr. Sundaram-Chennai-India

Till 1999 I met lot of losses, problems, debts and legal cases in my leather business and tannery. I met Mr. Ramakrishna on 26th Dec, 1999 at 13.45IST without any birth detail and horoscope. He advised me to give up leather business and to start a confectionary business. As per his advice I sold the leather company and cleared all the debts including bank. Now I am very happy and doing a confectionary business as he predicted. I will be thankful always for his guidance.

Mr. Balaji-Chennai-India

I was born in a very poor family. Jyotishji predicted and confirmed my bright future and married life with rich educated girl. His prediction became true, now I am living peaceful prosperous life. My hearty thanks to him.

Mr. Namdev-Chennai, India

I was doing pawn broker business till 1999. I met Jyotishji. He predicted me to change my business by starting gold jewellery business. After that, I expanded my business and I am living luxurious life style and peaceful family life. I am always thankful to him.

Mr. Sunil Bagga-Bihar-India

Mr. Ramakrishna is following N.C. Lahiri’s ephemeris for his predictions. It is very accurate and in our state and west Bengal also all are following this method now, and trying to accurate prediction like Jyotishji. His predictions are really superb without partiality and sentimentality.

Mr. Gregg Wilson, Canada

My wife, my nephew and I took jyotish consultations from beloved Jyotishji. All our family member’s doubts were resolved and the fear about future is also solved. So, now we are all very happy without any fear about the future. The realistic prediction of Mr. Ramakrishna has to be appreciated.

Mr. Radhakrishnan, Malaysia

I took consultation from Jyotishji for my son. The prediction is very realistic, practical without partiality or sentimentality. Really this experience is very different to me. In Malaysia no astrologer is like Mr. Ramakrishna.

Mr. J. Kumar-Chennai-India

When my daughter’s fifth age, she is not feeling well and I consulted Mr. Ramakrishna for Medical Astrology. He calculated the longevity of her and sadly predicted that she will pass away because of blood cancer. After his prediction my daughter expired within three months. Really his astrological prediction is really truthful without sentimentality and remedies.

Mr. Sadasivam, Srilanka

After seeing my daughter’s horoscope, Mr. Ramakrishna predicted her problems and solutions of unlucky married life in most practical and realistic without sentiment. Really his predictions are valuable and memorable. I appreciate him with thanks.

Mr.Joseph-Chennai, India

In 2000, I met Jyotishji about my marriage. He predicted me you will marry a poor back grounded well educated good wife who have mother only but lost her father. After eight years, his prediction came to true. I have married an average middle class well educated girl who lost her father. I really thankful to him for his simple but prompt truthful prediction.

Mr. Venkata Krishnan-Chennai, India

I have met lot of astrologers in this field. But I have never met like Mr. Ramakrishna who gives accurate and truthful predictions with easy understanding way without Vedic remedies, and also I am learning more astrological research from him.

Mr. Chandra Sekar-Chennai, India

I have no children, after 25 years of marriage. So I was advised to take adoption child. Other Vedic astrologers told me that I will get progeny with my age of 51. But that prediction is failed. Then I met Mr. Ramakrishna, he has confirmed my adoption male Child’s good future and my good lengthen longevity against my poor health condition with self confidence and prosperous charity service oriented life career.

Mr. Antony Joseph-Chennai, India

After seeing my birth horoscope and my house for Vasthu Mr. Ramakrishna told me to sell the house and give that money to moneylender’s loan and banker’s loans. He pinpointed my weak position of status in my horoscope. His practical and most realistic prediction pointed out my future situation bad. According to that, I realized my actual position and decided to live simple, humble, peaceful, healthy life career without debt, legal cases and unhealthy problems. I am thanking him always for his open unhidden prediction.

Mr. Vishwanathan, Chennai, India

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted domestic life problems in my daughter’s horoscope. So that, late marriage will give her peaceful and problemless domestic life career. I did her marriage after 6 years as his prediction, now my daughter is very happy. Many of my friends, relatives and colleagues are getting most realistic predictions and they also appreciate him with thanks.

Mr. Jeevarathnam, Chennai-India

My love marriage was predicted by Mr. Ramakrishna after crossing many hurdles and oppositions in both sides. I married my girl friend as he already predicted and I am living now peacefully. Thanks to Mr. Ramakrishna

Mr. Subramaniam, Thiruvallur, India

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted and gave good proper guidance for me, my wife and children in genuine line with much realism and practical. So our entire family members wish him with thanks.

Mr.& Mrs. Nagarathinam, Bangalore, India

We were doing business in a huge level with factory and labourers since 30 years. Day by day our business became down with lot of problems including least productivity and also by labourers. We could not take any decision. Mr. Ramakrishna predicted us to close our business and factory after settlement of labourers, to construct new apartment in that place and let to tenants. We did the same. Now we are very happy in our old age with our son, daughter and our grand children.

Mr. Padmanaban, United States

My mother was suffering for a long time in her old age with unhealthy critical situation. Mr. Ramakrishna predicted me, her period of death of exact date-day position. She expired soon on that day as he mentioned. I have also taken jyotish consultation for me, my wife and my daughter.

Mr. Rajmohan, Chennai, India

Mr. Ramakrishna helped all of us family members to take proper decision in marriage compatibility according to horoscope’s lagna matching and in professional matters including business incoming sources. His predictions are very genuine always and he will be our evergreen memorable person for us and our friends.

Ms. Vijayabanu & Mr. Ravindra, Chennai, India

We both are sister and brother. Mr. Ramakrishna helping us by prompt predictions and guiding for our family welfare and future improvements. We really thankful for his worthy predictions including abroad travels and abroad jobs.

Mr. K. Samba shivam Thiruvarur-India

I did marriage in 1983 and have no children for 10 years. Mr. Ramakrishna stopped me from remarriage and advised me, “Don’t remarry for child through another lady. You will have children from 1994 with your present wife itself”. Now I have two children one male and one female. His prediction became true.

Mr. Ganesh, United States

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted my wife’s critical health condition with our query time and her only date of birth, (we didn’t know her birth time). Her cervical cancer will afflict her longevity before 12th October, 2006. She expired on 11th October, 2006 as he mentioned. Really he will be a memorable person for me and my friend Mr. Vaidyanathan, USA.

Mr. T. Mariappan, Mysore, India

Mr. Ramakrishna helped our family in searching good life partner compatibility for my elder doctor son with a doctor bride by horoscopes matching not by star matching. Now my elder son and daughter in law are happy with a grand child. Mr. Ramakrishna has also helped me in my younger son’s love matter which was gone towards improper and unsuitable line. His advice had stopped that improper compatibility. So I am without tension now. Thanks to Mr. Ramakrishna.

Mrs. Vetriselvi, Porayar, India

Mr. Ramakrishna predicted about our family member’s horoscopes including my husband. We are doing business now as per his advice only and really successful in the business and he predicted my mother’s less longevity also, and it happened as such. His truthful, practical and realistic predictions are really valuable and fruitful.