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Know Your Moon Sign

(These Moon sign results will be definitely differed according to the strength of the moon by conjunction and aspect with other planets in horoscope)

Know about Your Moon Sign or Rasi:

A star has approximately one day or 24 hours and a Moon rashi has approximately 54 hours or 2 ¼ full days. But our birth lagna or ascendant has only just two hours approximately. So thus one day has 12 lagnas or ascendants and has 108 navamsas. One lagna has nine navamsas. So this is the main reason for differented predictions according to one’s accurate birth time. This is called as ‘fact of fate’.

1. Mesha or Aries Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born with Aries Moon sigh are ambitious, rash in temper and of aggressive nature. They are simple, frank and of outspoken nature, well disposed and capable of holding command in executive positions. They are not good in organizing schemes, but they can guide, control and govern themselves or others. Lover of independence, brave, venturesome, generous, to some extent extravagant. Also well informed, ingenious, zealous, and dogmatic in their options, remarkable for sudden changes and quick action and have progressive tendency. Life will be full of struggle and fortune is variable. Ardent in politics and religion. Travelling in life is imminent. Relatives are not favourable and the family ties are sometimes strained, frequent changes in residence, having a few children. They marry early in a hurry. Legal proceedings in life may follow him. Residence in foreign land under forced circumstances. There will be no death of enemies but you will be conquere of them. Somewhat fiery or quick tempered. They will succeed best in vocations requiring quick action, decision, executive or mechanical ability and responsibility.

2. Vrishabh or Rishabha or Taurus Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born with Taurus Moon sign, are affectionate, and loving, but can also be very reasonable at times, prejudiced, when angry will not stop at anything. Slow but good and steady worker. They are enduring and very patient, violent and unrelenting. They are slow and steady and are possessed of strong will, domestic and determined. Any thing done is well done and thought before hand. Can work hard, when opposed they become stubborn and unyielding. Usually secretive and reserved, sincere, reliable and trustworthy. They are fond of pleasure and love, natural beauty, art, music and literature. Sympathetic having a magnetic quality. They have the ability to earn and are good for executive jobs. They become worldly and lead a pleasurable life. Fond of ease, comfort, opposite sex and will have many love affairs. They will on the whole enjoy a good health. One can depend or their opinion, ever smiling but highly diplomatic. The planetary significator is Venus.

3. Mithuna or Gemini Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born in Gemini moon sign, are lovely and quick witted, some times shy or retiring humane, good disposition, but nervous and restless. Admirer of music, dance, drawing, painting, travel and inventions. No one can do better things successfully and gracefully than them, but the weakness is they should have deliberate determination to do their work and stick to its completion. They lack concentration and quick decision. They are ambitious, aspiring, and curious to know the results of their efforts immediately. Argumentative, engaged in two or more pursuits at a time. Fond of recreations. At times they are restless, anxious, highly strung and diffusive, mentally timid, indecisive and excitable. Love, change and diversity in all spheres to life. They are good advisors and can be relied only in the case of emergency. They are very clever as they are progressive, energetic, inventive, mechanical, and ingenious and have retentive power. They refuse to be bound by rules. They can prove good detectives, journalists and an excellent schemer. If mercury is retrograde at birth, they will prefer to side-step the truth and enjoy a good joke. They are subject to lot of changes in their life. Enjoy the life to the maximum and suffer continuous misfortunes under the influence of opposite sex and disagreement with the father and family disputes arise. Troubles from progeny. Capable of making friendship very quickly but such relations die due to their fault finding nature. The more the romance, more happy they will be. They lack in concentration and quick decision. They should not give themselves up to a petty strike. They want only short cuts, are liable to carry out work quickly adopting improved methods. Events will move faster in their life than others. They should give up curious traits hastening others. They should take rest, take plenty of exercise, fresh air breathing, eat conservatively and cultivate physical and mental peace. There will be lot of changes in their life with much different experiences and lessons one peculiarity among them will be taking easily anything with wavering mind. They will bring their downfalls themselves and they cannot understand easily.

4. Karak or Kataka or Cancer Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born in this Cancer moon sign are fond of change, having average height and round face, fond of novelty and travelling. Attached to relatives and home, inclined to public life, sympathetic, changeful and impatient. Sentimental, emotional and over sensitive. Anger comes and goes quickly. Diplomat, discreet and conventional. Changeable personality with ups and downs of positions and occupations in life. Of fertile imagination and talkative. They are timid to face physical danger but are brave. Their temper is changeable. They have tenacious memory, and are industrious. They are strong emotional nature and are romantic, they also have psychic medium faculty. They have changeable nature. In love affairs they love intensely and have a nature of true hospitality. Of fiscal mind and have deep feelings of loyalty and responsibility. They are more interested to obtain small sums of money from diffenent sources than a big amount, from one source. They are secretive, impressionable and magnetic. They should not be impatient; changeability and intolerance are the other weakness. Health will be fragile in youth but will improve as age advances. They are devoted to domestic life. They can sacrifice all for their children. They are open and frank at sight, but in reality they hide much from each others. Sensitive and retiring, romantic and imaginative. Easily influenced and will adjust to circumstances.

5. Simha or Leo Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born in this Leo moon sign, have broad shoulders, ruddy or florid complexion, large bones and muscles. Tall, upright upper body better formed than lower. Thin waste, prominent knees with tendency to baldness. Head full sized and round. Full stature and majestic appearance, imposing, commanding and dignified. They are ambitious, generous, honorable, frank, warm hearted, preserving and conscientious. Fond of power and distinction. Liking for art, cheerful, optimistic disposition. Magnanimous and generous. Large hearted and noble but harsh in temperament. Good natured, philosophical, frank, free and outspoken, strong willed, independent, forceful and impulsive, inspiring, they have great hope. Helpful to mankind and other creations of God. Of wise judgement. They always forgive others, and forget the mistakes, sins and errors of others, very independent in views, have excellent organizing powers, they are constructive, inventive, magnanimous and ingenious. They are subject to flattery but do not fall victim to it. They are hopeful to the last minute, brilliant, boasting clever actions, commanding, domineering, enthusiastic, and joyous and jubilation. They are good planners, leaders and with courage and confidence. Over liberal and extrovert. They are hasty and become irritated, they active at forcing and hasty conclusion and suffer. They have generally robust health. They are extroverts, roar like lion and get into trouble which temperament should be avoided.

6. Kanya or Kanni or Virgo Moon sign or Rasi:

Virgo moon born people are tall with a slender body, dark hair and hairy, curved and hairy eyebrows, thin and shrill voice, walks quickly. Straight nose, appear younger than age, a pronounced forehead, frank and honest expressions of the eyes and some times beautiful blue eyes. Fond of learning, active mind, good mental abilities, critical, methodical, ingenious, undecided but usually precise though nervous and lacking self confidence. Perceptive and orderly and think in a methodical way. A genius, analytical and a deep thinker. They are ambitious for wealth, are conservative, thoughtful, contemplative and industrious. They have good endurance not easily contented, changeable nature and environment, often change their residence. They have commercial instinct, methodical, practical and discriminative. Expert in finding faults with others. A saving disposition, over careful and sensitive. Love details of things and accounts. Prudent, act with forethought, fond of studying science particularly about medicine, food, diet, hygiene, etc., To maintain the health, care for diet should be taken, they will enjoy robust health with long life and healthy old age. They have a commercial and business instinct. They will face many ups and downs in life, hard work will pay. Methodical have wander lust in their nature, will have a peaceful and pleasant domestic life. Life partner will be religious, God fearing, law abiding and true. They will form friendship with new persons. In love affair, they will hardly succeed, they postpone marriage and prefer to be bachelor, but when married they become home bird. When malefic planets are posited in Virgo, their entire health, job, family life, earning and future plans all will be affected in various ways. Care must be in business partners.

7. Tula or Thulam or Libra Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born in Libra moon sign, have good physical complexion, well formed body, tall, slender in youth but tendency to stoutness in middle age, smooth, blue or brown eyes, passionate, parrot like nose round or oval face, good looking graceful, and youthful appearance with sweet smile and with attractive countenance. Almond eyes which speak themselves and such persons look younger than age normally. They are fond of fine dress, perfumes, art and music. Fertile imagination and correct intuition, brilliant intellect, fore thought, admirable refinement, supreme indemnity and pleasant nature. Imaginative or artist, hopeful, cheerful, fond of society and amusements and usually amorous. They are very courteous and hospitable, quick in temper which will soon be quitened. They are fond of beauty in all forms, easily appeased; enjoy always the society and company of brave, happy, sunny and mirthful people. They are affectionate, kind, generous and compassionate, idealistic, artistic, adoptable, constructive, intuitive, impressionable and inspirational, sexy, passionate and of comprising nature, so they become easily popular. They have such strong conjugal affection that they do not consider anything else more important than pleasure. Fond of opposite sex, argue with clarity and foresight. They have warmth and charming manners, take interest in their dress, and make up perfumes, furniture, conveyance and other comforts. They are very affectionate and gentle, will be popular throughout the life full of charms and manners. They should keep their emotions in check, should not allow things to get out of hand, they should forgive but never forget. They must keep check on their expenditure as they are extravagant. They enjoy happy family life generally; also enjoy the life to the full. They are everlasting friends as they are hones tin love, courteous and generous. They are expert in love affairs, and they are sincere. Without friends they cannot pass life. They are more benefited by a few sincere friends.

8. Vrischik or Viruchika or Scorpio Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born in Scorpio moon sign, have good personality, well proportioned body, average stature, broad face, commanding appearance, short and curly hair and muscular body. Scorpio represents poisonous reptile scorpion. The higher type of Scorpio people who have control their sense sand other type of Scorpio people are lower type, will be jealous of others and rude, strong willed but irreconcilable and are undefeatable and seekers of sensuous pleasure. They are quick, keen, shrewd, and critical of penetrating mind and keen judgement. They are self reliant, bold and of fixed views. A stubble mind hard to influence. Not easily imposed upon, energetic, courageous and sarcastic. Self assertions, an extremist, have strong likes and dislikes, and have tendency to over ride and keep others under control. They are best detectives having intense feeling of emotions. They are impulsive, forceful, have constructive and destructive ability and are self made natives.They lose their temper quickly, get irritated and are highly sexed. They have loose talk, black mailing and only concerned with their own work. They are free work, plain, and sarcastic, cunning but very true, loyal, faithful and reliable. But some others become unfaithful, revengeful, relentless and selfish. Because of their extravagant luxurious expenses, they cannot, save the money. They do not want to remains under anybody’s control but want to command others. Though their domestic life is generally happy, at times, they are good friends but also worst enemies, so life long friendship for them is not possible. They are violent but have complex moods. In love affair, they are intense, dynamic and energetic. In the matter of married life, they want compliments and appreciations from their partners, but cannot withstand with any criticism, so one should be careful for marrying themselves. They enjoy their lives if the partners show equally genuine affection and deep love, otherwise misunderstandings will spoil them. They cannot remain idle while facing obstacles and hindrances they are at their best talents, and never surrender, but fight to the last end. Of having fertile Scorpion, reserved, tenacious, determined and quick witted, alert, foreceful and positive. Often they are bluent, fond of contest and travel.

9. Dhanu or Dhanus or Sagittarius Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born in this Sagittarius moon sign have a well proportioned physical appearance as well developed body. Tall, slender, generally long or oval face, large forehead, high or bushy eyebrows, long nose, bright expressive blue or hazel eyes, clear complexion, charming appearance, graceful look and handsome figure. They have mental tendencies of generous, bold, good hearted, pushful, ambitious, greedy and aspiring, good tempered, just, frank, free, cheerful, charitable and friendly. They look to the bright side of the things, dauntless with self confidence. Active and enterprising, sympathetic, humane and some what impulsive. Fond of travelling, voyage and out door sports and exercises. During obstacles, they are not at their best. Blessed with energy, enthusiasm, vigor and vitality. They are inclined to philosophy, law, medicine or religion. They are not timid and will not flutter nor fear and trample even in adverse conditions. Act after deep consideration, jovial, hopeful, generous and charitable. They should not insult or hurt others by giving their frank opinion. They will be liked by their friends and will be generous to the opposite sex and friendly with them. At home they may not be successful and enjoy the independence which they desire, so be of adjustable nature. Do not develop hatred towards their brothers and parents, this will not pay them. God fearing and religious, at times they are restless, over anxious and highly strung. Respectful to religion, law and order and customs. They are in profession, aggressive, progressive and aspiring, quick to see and take the advantage if situation and opportunity. They are always outspoken to the point, straight and directly hit the mark. They try to get higher education and fond of travel, cannot remain under the control of others. Speculation is always detriment to them. Generally Sagittarians enjoy good health. They are rich with full comforts of life quickly and have gains without pains.

10. Makar or Makara or Capricorn Moon sign or Rasi:

Those born in this Capricorn have prominent physical features, usually thin and long, long or prominent nose, thick neck, long chin, attractive physique after their teenage. There will be sear in the knee cap or at least a mole. Having big head with thick eyebrows well settled teeth and liability to rheumatism in the joints. They are economical, prudent, self willed, reserved and cunning, pensive, reasonable, thoughtful and of practical nature. They are calculative and business like. Secretive, quite, much mental ingenuity and fertility, changeable, capricious and will have push and confidence. Desirous of wealth, power and authority, ability for managing and organizing. They are also methodical and plodding. They will execute quickly any work after taking a careful decision. When it is found advantageous, one will not hesitate to change his or her career. They will have special organizing capacity and with good tolerance, patience and steady nature. Serious, quite, thoughtful, contemplative nature, possessing dignity and self esteem. Also one is cautious, hard worker, capable of much endeavor, able to plan and carry out schemes of considerable magnitude and will not be at the head. They will not depend on the hopes of others, not demonstrative in feeling and do not readily show their sympathy. It is not easy to cheat them, modest and polite. They can make friendship with anybody quickly but they will make test of an individual and finally make a permanent tie of friendship. They are self reliant, thrifty, respectful to religion, interested in theology, either honest, sincere or reliable or the most conceited, dishonest, selfish, greedy, and miserly, never hesitate to commit any crime when Saturn, the significator is much afflicted to birth chart. They will rise gradually will make repeated attempts and will finally come out successful. They will utilize everything to immaterial purpose. They are economical, trustworthy, and wide awake and they do not take risk, they do not expect a windfall. They take a long time to choose a life partner, they may have affection but are not demonstrative in love and romance etc.,

11. Kumbh or Kumbha or Aqarius Moon sign:

Those who born in this Aquarius moon sign have strong physique, well formed, tendency to stoutness in middle age, good, clear complexion, oval face, handsome appearance, brown shade hair, mole scar on calf-muscles. Fleshy face good looking and friendly countenance. They are mentally intelligent, good memory and reasoning faculty. Very capable of dealing with facts, possess good concentration, kind, humane, self controlled. Constant, preserving, happy disposition, inventive and also psychic. Have many friends, can rend other’s characters, broad out look and like solitude. They are serious, quite, thoughtful and of contemplative nature. Defective teeth, intelligent, cautions, prudent, economical and practical. Out spoken, unselfish, humane and impersonal. They are very social but very choosy about friends. Handworkers, have organizing capacity, of profound thoughts, also shrewd, clear headed, quick witted and wide awake. Blessed with new and fresh ideas, use own thinking and discretion, originate new ideas. Will do all things which are morally right. They have their own individually and specialty. Constant in friendship, stick to a principle. Best fitted for research and physics. Aquarians are strong in their likes and dislikes. Stubborn but not fool hardy, they develop intuition and good concentration. They do not preach others but act themselves. They observe fair, penance etc., and sound financial position. They are prone to infectious diseases. Cannot withstand cold, they should attend immediately to an injury, should not overtax themselves and take plenty of rest. They are neither very much attached nor detached with their family. Their partners will be low biding, true, honest and sincere, dutiful, magnanimous and noble. They care peace, harmony and happiness. They are strict teachers and treat their children as grown up individuals.

12. Meen or Meena or Pisces Moon sign or Rasi:

Those who have Pisces Moon sign are generally of short stature, of plump body, short limbs, full of fleshy face, pale complexion, big and protruding eyes, soft and silky hair. Wide mouth and inclining to corpulence especially in later years. Their personality will be kind, loving, truthful and of sympathetic nature. Courteous and hospitable. Restless, helpful and humane. Lacking self confidence, self esteem, modest, timid and they cannot harm anyone. They are puzzle to others and to themselves even, cannot be steady, mostly sweet tempered and social. Led away by fancies and new ideas, polite and modest. At times they are overanxious and become disheartened, indecisive, and lacking in life and energy. They use best of circumstances, vital temperament. Of varying mood, over liberal, keep hopes on other’s promises, rely friends and many times suffer at their hands. Affliction of bile and feet is denoted. This sign governs ankle, feet, teeth and left eye and the diseases indicated are consumption, tuberculosis, tumors and mucous troubles. They will lead a happy married life. They should not select any partner who is free with all. They will remain attracted to the romantic life; prefer beauty of the partner and intellect. Such persons are bold, brave and independent. They love their children who are also affectionate and successful in life. Very helpful and maintain harmony at home. Sincere and true. They keep the home modern and in a top condition. They love domestic life on the whole. Their friends, a few of them, will outwardly be honest but inwardly scoundrel, cheat and selfish. Avoid suspicious nature and varying moods. Cultivate push, be generous, but not over liberal do not be contemplating and dreaming always and they should not entertain and rely on other’s promises. They are endowed with wealth and power. They do not relish the idea of being independent on their children. In old age so they keep the money safe for that period. They are helpful to needy person and make advances of money to those who can repay on demand. They have plenty of interests. They have many friends and are happy to entertain them at home, wish to have educated partner in life, have good children. They love happy domestic life and are very affectionate.