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Love/Marriage/Child Reports

(These consultation reports will be analyzed and predicted manually by going through each and every horoscope individually by our Jyotishji Dr. C. L. Ramakrishna, who already having 30years of wide exposure in this line, and it is not obtained from any other astrological software. So in our website each report is different and unique from other’s and it is not like any other website who are all giving mostly same report for everybody)

These reports really will give you much self confidence and much courage to fight or conquer or overtake evil periods. The reality with practical guidance will definitely give successful life career with all blessings of God and wishes of good people in their best auspicious dasa periods. So there will be science except astrology is the foretelling matter of giving fortunes or misfortunes to mankind. There is a proverb. “Fools obey planets while wise people control them”

Marriage is a landmark in life. It is an institution founded on love and affection. But it is also a most complicated structure made up of a whole series of heterogeneous subjective and objective factors. Marriage plays a very important part in this strong web of relationships of giving support and protection.
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Capable of existing or living together in harmony is called as Compatibility. For love or marriage, in either case, compatibility only decides their fate. Astrological compatibility is the branch of astrology that studies relationships by comparing natal horoscopes. Read more…………

2a. Love Affair report
2b. Love compatibility/ Love Marriage report(Both horoscopes)
2c. Matrimonial Compatibility report
2d. Marriage report(Single Horoscope)
2e. Fixing Marriage time acc to both horoscope
2f. Birth Issues and Progeny report(Both horoscopes)