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Practical Medical Astrology by Astrojyotishji Dr.C.L. Ramakrishna-


Medical astrology is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the Sun, Moon and planets and it is connected with astrological, zodiacal signs form Aries to Pisces.  Each sign refers or each house from lagna refers each human part and affliction or disease in those parts. Medical Astrology is one of the part connected with zodiacal planetary and stellar influences which affect the health, constitution, functions and habits of life.  Actually medicine is part of astrology.  The nature of the diseases is discovered by the planetary positions at birth time and lagna.

Let me tell some more details on Medical astrology.

  Watery planets and water signs refers

   Blood and obesity with swellings

  Fiery planets and fiery signs refers    

   Controls the vitality

  Earthy planets and earthy signs refers

   Bones and flush

  Windy planets and windy signs        

   Controls the breath

So Medical predictions are predicted only with astrological facts which connected with sixth lord, sixth house, sixth house occupants and mostly by considering virgo sign.  Because virgo sign refers our mental related diseases and virginity.  When the virgo sign is badly afflicted by the vibrations of the malefic planets, then we have to suffer from ill health and diseases like insanity, insomnia and four types of jaundice etc.,

Lagna of the horoscope or Aries sign refers

Head, Brain, Pituitary glands and nerve

Second house or Taurus sign refers

Face, Throat, Gullet, Cerebellum, Thyroid gland

Third house or Gemini refers                        

Chest, Lungs, Breath and Nerve fibres

Fourth house or Cancer refers 

Heart, breast, elbow and stomach

Fifth house or Leo refers   

Belly, back, blood and liver

Sixth house or Virgo refers

Waist, hands, abdominal regions, bowels And solar plexus

Seventh house or Libra refers

Lower belly, lumbar region and kidneys

Eighth house or Scorpio refers   

Sexual organ, external generative, Urinary, Excretory system and bladder

Ninth house or Sagittarius refers

Thighs, hips and arterial system

Tenth house or Capricorn refers    

Knees, Epidermis, Bones and Joints

Eleventh house or Aquarius refers  

Buttocks, legs, ankles, Blood circulation, eyes and breath

Twelfth house or Pisces refers  

Feet, toes, Lympatic system etc.,

This Practical Medical Astrology consultation will help you to know

 Your present and future health problems and their afflicted parts with     astrological reasons

 ● Awareness of future coming diseases and its dasa-periods,

 ● Whether that disease will be normal or chronic

 ● Whether it will be cured by treatments or it will be uncured but will live with     that disease’s sufferings till end etc.,

The sixth house is called disease house.  When the sixth house and it’s lord are too much afflicted, the native will have to suffer with ill health and diseases referred by that sixth house and it’s lord. We analyze and research the following

The sixth house and it’s lord to discover the health condition and diseases

 ● The sixth lord’s dasa period, the sixth lord’s disposition

 ● The occupants in the sixth house

 ● Your medical astrological facts with your fact of fate

 ● Longevity

Therefore this medical astrological consultation is indispensable for every
human being to get
disease free, healthy, peaceful, tensionless, happy long
life till their end with self confidence and clear medical knowledge.

Let me analyze two case studies regarding Medical Astrology.



One male, a Doctor of Medicine-Japanese – Born on 3rd October 1973 at 11.00.00 (H.M.S) at Okayama in Japan.  Dhanus Lagna, Moolam Star, Kethu Dasa balance 5 Years, 4 Months and 24days.  Lagna 269-34, Sun 166-21, Moon 243-02, Mars ® 14.28, Mercury 187.01, Jupiter 278.49, Venus-209.30, Saturn 71.04, Rahu 248.50, Kethu 68.50



   Mars ®  





 PLANETARY POSITION AS ON 3rd Oct,  1973  at 11.00Hrs at Okayama in Japan


N.  Latitude-36.05













According to astrological theories, his Dhanus Lagna is afflicted by eighth lord Moon and Rahu in Lagna and aspected by evil Saturn and Kethu.  Lagna refers brain, nerves and particularly cerebrum and cerebellam and pituitary glands.  So this Lagna or brain is very much afflicted by Rahu-Moon and Kethu-Saturn axis. 


Moreover Lagna lord Jupiter in the second, that is his weakest and debilitation Rasi Makara.  He was born in Moolam-Kethu’s star who is in the seventh with evil Saturn.  So these aspects of Kethu and Saturn, disposition of Rahu and Moon, Lagna lord Jupiter’s weakest position already gave him Brain Cancer when he was in Mother’s conceive.  Kethu’s period was running at his time of birth. Though he was a doctor, fatal happenings could not be avoided, moreover for brain cancer there are no treatments, but some treatment can be given for reducing the pain.  He may do a free medical service from now and build up a trust which will service the poor society in the future.  That will give him great blessings of mammon to send of him.



Additionally according to the Amsayurdaya method, he got longevity only 30 years, 4 months and 24 days up to his Sun-Kethu Period.  Sun-Kethu period from 22nd October, 2003 till 27th February 2004.  (On 19th Jan, 2004 he passed away)


His date of Birth            :03-10-1973

Amsayurdaya Longevity: 24-04-0030


So Longevity upto  27-02-2004 as per my calculation.


I predicted on 5th July 2003 itself that he should met his end before 27th February, 2004.


Everyone should meet his fatal happenings even if they belong to the life saving profession.  Fortunately his medical profession will give him to increase his past, present and future dharma by servicing philanthropically with sacrifice even after his death.


So Medical Astrology clearly defines the organs which are influenced by the planets, and the dasa periods which influence the cure or no cure which is well related to the strength and weakness of the planets and the longevity of the individual.




Male born on 21st Sept, 1946 at 08.30 IST at 9N19Latitude, 78N09 Longitude, Libra Lagna, Pushya Star, Saturn period balance 7 Years, 6 Months and 8 days.


On June, 1985, he consulted me and asked the following questions.

  1. Now I am feeling some kind of pain in my abdomen and my male organ.   Doctor told me this problem can be cured by taking medicine if not by surgical treatment.  But I am afraid much, and how will be my health in future?

  2. Can you predict me what kind of diseases I will get in future?

  3. Would I need any surgical treatment according to my horoscope? Is it curable?

  4. How will be my life span? Can I live long?













Sun        Navamsa Rahu






Answers with astro-facts:

  1. Your libra lagna and all other planets are hemmed between Rahu-Kethu axis which is called as ‘kalasarpa yoga’.  Your lagna is occupied by your lagna and eighth longevity lord Venus, sixth disease house lord Jupiter and seventh (abdomen and seminal vesicles) house lord Mars.  Among these Mars and Jupiter are in twelfth house in navamsa.  Present Venus period (Venus is in Rahu’s swathy star who is in the eighth) is acting as Rahu in the eighth.  Kethu is in the second and sun in the twelfth create ‘Papakarthari Yoga’.  So lagna also is hemmed between Kethu-Sun-Malefic planets.  Therefore your upcoming periods Venus-Mars period till 29th May 1985, then Venus-Rahu period till 28th May 1988, then Venus-Jupiter till 27th January 1991 all will be critical.  Generally sixth lord Jupiter and Mars (indicator of muscle and blood) joining with lagna lord in lagna will lead to you surgical operation.  So your health condition will be critical up to 27th Jan, 1991.

  1. It may be asked whether the ancient Hindus had any knowledge of these diseases; if not how could their rulership by the different signs and planets be ascribed?  In many of the ancient astrological works in giving combinations for the occurrence of different types of diseases and the zodiacal signs which have governance over them.  Therefore according to your horoscope three planets Mars, Jupiter and Venus in Libra sign will give you critical health in Libra mentioned physical part as abdomen, lower belly, urinary organs, seminal vesicles etc.,  So you are predicted that you will be suffered with ‘hydrocele’disease- swelling in the testicle scrotum severely.  So in future, you will be forced by the doctors without bearing pain and huge sized weight to take surgical treatment.

  1. Your critical planets in your lagna; Rahu-Kethu Kaalasarpa yoga; Lagna’s papakartari yoga – all these bad situations will force you to take surgery in order to get good health.  Even doctors will also confirm this suggestion practically.  Even though Venus becomes as your lagna lord, Venus is in the critical position with malefic 6th lord Jupiter and seventh lord Mars.  Venus could not give you good results physically, mentally and financially, because Venus’s malefic nature is rising by the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Libra.

  1. Your longevity of lifespan can only be answered after your critical surgical operation and practical suggestions by complete rest in the upcoming Venus-Jupiter period from 28th May 1988 up to 27th January 1991.  Really this period will be as your re-birth.  So be careful, by obeying doctor’s advice.  You will have no solution except surgery.

Further incidents happened:


In his Jupiter-Venus period from 28th May 1988 up to 27th January 1991, he was much suffered with pain and huge size of swelling in the testicle scrotum.  He was afraid much, because I have already predicted him, that he was going critical.  But according to circumstances he was forced himself and his family members to take surgical treatment in Venus-Jupiter-Venus inter sub period in December 1989.  But he was careless after surgery by neglecting doctors suggestions, dressing treatments and formalities.  So he expired in unconscious situation by over bleeding from surgery part on 10th January 1990 in his Venus-Jupiter-Venus inter sub-period.  Perhaps doctors and he may thought that ‘Prevention is better than cure’ but his fate can’t be altered by any one.  What a tragedy!?


From the above Case studies, we can clearly come to know that how Practical Medical Astrology is helpful in predicting the diseases and longevity of the individual.  So log on to www.astrojyotishji.com for your actual situational oriented medical or disease problems then we will give you through knowledge to resist or conquer your physical diseases problems by the help, explanation and guidance of Medical astrology and horoscope’s reality.

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