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Knowing about yourself, the proven way!

Everyone like to know about their own life's future happenings, path or direction.We are not sure, whether that path has hurdles or flowers or mystery or turnings and is dark or bright. To derive a conclusion about our path we need some scientific guidance that is called as astrology or Jyotish.

How Astrology can be helpful in your life?

Astrology can be much more than an entertainment, it can also be very helpful to you in many situations and many areas of your life. Astrology can be beneficial when you are confronted with difficulties, dilemmas, and questions; and it will also serve a good purpose in your average, everyday life. If you have either specific problems or merely general, basic concerns, gaining insight into astrology will help provide you with the answers you may be searching for.

What is special in www.astrojyotishji.com ?

Through this website we uniquely reveal your fact of fate with a guidance for the future happenings and assure you to give you the originality of your fortunes and misfortunes than any other website without any yantras, mantras, tantras or vedic remedies. We are providing the customer satisfaction through the personalized ethical astrological reports based on your horoscope in all categories, Our astrologer Dr.C.L. Ramakrishna is having 30 years of wide exposure in astrology and already given prediction for more than one lakh Indians and more than thousand NRIs. Since 1978, he is giving correct guidance and interpretation on the individual's horoscope manually, not by any astrological software.


  •  Career Analysis in Practical    Astrology
  •  Compatibility Analysis in    Marriage and Love
  •  Practial Astrology Life    prediction for Newly Married
  •  Astrology and Married Life
  •  Practical Medical Astrology
  •  Birth Time Rectification in    Practical Astrology
  •  Know About Your Sunsign or    Ascendant
  •  Know About Your Star or    Nakshatra


  •   Brief Family consultation    report
  •   Future Dasa predictions of    Newly Married couple


  •  General Finance report
  •  Investment decisions report
  •  Self-employed/Business    Report
  •  Business partner selection    report
  •  Property Luck report
  •  Debts, Legal cases,    problems- report


  •  Astrologically where are you    and where will you be in    future?
  •  Yogas and Arishtas or    Fotunes and Misfortunes
  •  Curses, Blessings and    Poorvapunya strengths

Health/Medical Astrology

  •  General Medical Astrology
  •  Detailed Medical Astrology


  •  Job/ Professional Career    Report
  •  Spiritual Career Report
  •  Abroad travel Report

Kid's future

  •   kid's future report


  •  Love Affair report
  •  Love compatibility/ Love    Marriage report
  •  Matrimonial Compatibility    report
  •  Marriage report
  •  Fixing Marriage time acc to    both horoscope
  •  Birth Issues and Progeny    report

Jyotish Consultation

  •  Ask five questions
  •  Ask ten questions
  •  Ask twenty questions
  • Life reading

    •  Special Life Reading+Brief    Maha Dasa or Main period    prediction
    •  Detailed Dasa bukthi    prediction for upcoming 5    years
    •  Detailed bukthi prediction for    upcoming 10years


    •  Birth time Rectification those    who doesn’t know the exact    time of birth
    •  Horoscope Rectification of    those who doesn’t know any    birth detail